NDIS Services

At Open Door Support Services we like to keep things simple. We provide specialist services only to those serious about engaging in a recovery journey that enhances their life and who understand that they are in charge of what may be a challenging but life changing time .

The Hearing Voices approach suits people (including those with learning difficulties) living with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, Bi-polar disorder, PTSD, Dual diagnosis and Anxiety. Supports can be delivered one on one or groups, face to face or by Zoom.

During COVID 19 ZOOM support has become popular with voice hearers further across the state.

Open Door Support Services is willing and able to work holistically with any current provider of services.

Recovery Coaching is now available in the Bundaberg and Fraser Coast areas.

Currently our NDIS clients need to have either a Self Managed Plan or be Plan Managed.

Advantages of Plan Managing

  • Not restricted to only NDIS registered providers so can use existing providers. This gives you flexibility to hire whoever you want.
  • No need to worry about paying providers, your Plan Manager does that for you.
  • No need to keep receipts and invoices in case of audit.
  • A great Plan Manager will help you get the best value from your allocated NDIS funds and will make sure that you don’t run out of funds unexpectedly.
  • You don’t need to use the NDIS Portal.
  • Using a Plan Manager is a great stepping stone to learning to self manage.

(Please talk to your Support Coordinator or NDIS Local Area Coordinator if you are currently Agency Managed … we can assist you with this as well

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